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Smith & Carter, Inc. is one of the top Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors serving Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg, and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  We specialize maintaining, and installing heat pumps, ductless system.  We also have HVAC Yearly Maintenance Agreements, system tune ups, new equipment installations.  Get the most out of your heating & Air Conditioning system. 

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Experienced Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor

Smith & Carter has been installing heating & air conditioning systems for over 35 years in the Newport News area of Virginia.

Smith & Carter, Inc. - Heating & Air Conditioning ContractorGet The Most Out of Your Existing System!

Here again, the experienced team at Smith & Carter Heating & Air Conditioning can extend the life of your existing HVAC system or recommend a replacement system that will save you money!


Maintenance Agreements

Smith & Carter, Inc offer a 14 point service checkup which includes; 1. Clean evaporator coil 2. Adjust bypass damper 3. Clean or replace filters 4. Tighten electrical connections 5. Clean condenser coil 6. Check start and run capacitors 7. Check start and run relays 8. Monitor refrigerant level 9. Adjust operating pressures 10. Clean and adjust burners 11. Inspect valves 12. Clean heat exchanger 13. Clean out drains 14. Check fan blades for tightness

HVAC Service Checkups by Smith & Carter, Inc.Energy Saving Programs

We are pleased to announce our NEW Energy Saving program at Smith & Carter.  The benefits of this program include:

___ Reduce Cooling and Heating Cost
___ Improve HVAC equipment efficiency
___ Add years to equipment life
___ Improve capacity
___ Service by experts
___ Inflation Proof
___ Agreement Transferable
___ System checked before heating and cooling season
___ Priority Service
___ 20% off any necessary parts & labor during length of contract

Our Service Area

Smith and Carter, Inc. has been serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for over 30 years.  Our service area services the following Hampton Roads communities:

  • Newport News
  • Yorktown
  • Smithfield
  • York County
  • Williamsburg
  • Norfolk

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